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Discover the experience of KNX Smart Home Systems


We will Change the Way You Think About Smart Homes

We specialize in crafting KNX-centered home automation systems. Our firm conviction lies in the fact that our systems bring forth a distinctive, innovative, and unparalleled experience.

In addition to unveiling cutting-edge home automation solutions, we take pride in showcasing the latest advancements within this domain.

Allow us the privilege of acquainting you with the realm of smart home systems, where you'll uncover a harmonious fusion of comfort, security, energy efficiency and entertainment.


We Deliver State-of-the-Art Systems and Services Around the World


Crafting personalized solutions down to the finest details is the essence of our pursuit of perfection. Our approach seamlessly intertwines technology and design into a unified system.

In situations demanding it, we forge close collaborations with esteemed interior design studios to bring forth the epitome of the perfect synthesis: where design takes the lead, and technology gracefully follows.

Indeed, smart homes are not only functionally intelligent but also exquisitely beautiful.

Architectural drawing of a house suited for home automation
Eletrical drawing for home prapared for smart home

Our Expertise:
Full Spectrum of Services

Offering a comprehensive 360º perspective encompassing the entire project lifecycle, from the initial encounter to the moment we hand over control to your system, witnessing your gratified smile in response.

Throughout the project's evolution, we furnish meticulous technical drawings and precise executive details. We oversee installation and electrical processes, orchestrating harmonious collaboration with other stakeholders including HVAC, lighting, shading, and security specialists.

Graceful simplicity and effortless convenience are paramount to us, ensuring your experience remains our primary concern.


Determining the optimal means to control your smart home is a multifaceted consideration, with personal suitability being the foremost concern.

Among the myriad options available, the key lies in making the process both intuitive and natural for you, aligning fluidly with your preferences.

Our role is to customize this experience according to your needs, leveraging over a decade of seasoned expertise. Our unique advantage stems from our immersion in smart home systems daily – within our own homes.

Ultimately, the most fitting solution will be tailored precisely to your individual requirements and daily interactions.

Sketches of KNX touch screen modules


A unique Approach to every Real Estate Development

Drawing from over a decade of refined collaboration with investors, our distinctive point of pride rests within our impressive track record in real estate development.

Our consistent aim has been to intersect the realms of design and technology symbiotically.

The hallmark of our success lies in the bespoke systems we engineer, which stand as crucial contributors to enhancing the value of properties.



We take immense pleasure in introducing a selection of our esteemed partners and manufacturers, with whom we forge symbiotic relationships to consistently integrate our meticulously crafted smart home systems and solutions.

And what's the driving force behind this synergy?

None other than the enchanting word: KNX!

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Indulge in a brief glimpse into some of our most inspiring projects.

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