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Smart Interiors Event

21.09.2021 г.

Smart home is not a privilege for a few, but a practical investment and responsibility for the future, because through Home automation we can optimise the consumption of resources.
The smart home, in addition to being economically viable, gives comfort, security and entertainment to its occupants.

And if you are wondering when and how to start "robotizing" your household or office, the answer is: “Start by dreaming".
And you don't have to start by investing in complete smart home solutions. If your project is professionally planned and designed, you can start with a step-by-step investment in automation of individual sub-systems of your home or office.

Not long ago, some smart innovations seemed like a fantasy to many, but in just a few years they became part of our everyday life. Development in this sulfur is extremely fast and the future is not far away - smart home will be for everyone and everywhere.

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