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and how to make them personally yours


Based on years of experience, our individual approach is taking into consideration all specificities of every project.

Using always the latest in technology we design each individual system as a truly custom project, based on the clients' requirements and budget.



For each of us, comfort means different thing. For some, it's just a quiet night at home. For others, it's the comfort of spending time with a favourite book or playing with the children on the floor.

Comfort is also peace of mind - that your home is protected, or that while you are away, everything is fine there.

Comfort is also time - more time for you, for your loved ones, for the things that make you happy.


And no matter what it is for you, your home automation system can provide it for you - just as you imagine it.

What are the limits of your system!? Only where you choose!


Sustainability is to create long-term value though a proactive approach to the energy usage according to the needs of users at any given time.

Your Smart Home system can decide what is the best way to use the energy in the home or building, starting from its generation through to whether it should be consumed or stored


From the photovoltaic system to the charging station for electric vehicles, and using sustainable sources, we are able to support you with your projects aiming to comply even with Passive House or Net-zero house standards.

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Your Smart Home system can also provide more security in your daily life - for you, for your loved ones, for your home.


Security means integrating and managing your alarm system, or a smoke sensor in the kitchen. Or a water leakage sensor in the bathroom, or a gas leak. 


A fingerprint scanner and you will never lose your keys again! Your kids will come home from school safely!


Security is becoming an increasingly important factor in our daily lives. Just manage it!


The smart management of lighting and HVAC systems in a building can result of reduction of costs reaching 50%


The polished combination of energy-efficient lighting, heating or cooling, shading and their intelligent management can provide significantly increased comfort in your home.


Home automation in your home manages these systems in the optimal way for you. The use of various sensors allows you to significantly reduce monthly costs.


Security and personal privacy are just as important as system flexibility and expandability.

Utilizing a combination of products and technologies is our way of securing your system.

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With the advance of Internet connectivity and the Internet of Things systems are constantly online and thus  more vulnerables.

An additinal layer of precaution is never redundant.

That is why the online security is compulsory part of everyone of our project.


Connectivity is indispensable part of a modern Home automation system. 

Two-way communication with data logging represents crucial point in data handling.

Real-time notifications, alarms and triggers are delivering added value and flexibility.  

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